'DushiVIPcard' is a registred trade mark of Annexis International B.V. (private company with limited liability), with statutory registration at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number NL 59604654 (VAT registration NL 853565570B01).


The 'DushiVIPcard' trademark, www.vipcard.dushideals.com and the processes and systems for the sale and distribution of the DushiVIPcard coupons are operated by:


DushiVIPcard Curacao:


E: info@dushivipcard.com
T: 00599 9 6922404
B: DushiVIPcard, Zuikertuintjeweg 14C-boven, Willemstad

Registered under Dunckellaan 53, 6132 BK Sittard, Nederland

If you have any questions about these terms, please contact DushiDeals.


  • The discount of DushiVIPcar applies to personal consumption of the cardholder
  • Discount is not in combination with other discounts, special offers or on Curacaoan holidays

General Terms and Conditions for partner companies of DushiVIPcard

Services by DushiVIPcard: DushiVIPcard shall place the Partner’s offer under the promotional offers of the appropriate island on www.dushivipcard.com, in compliance with Article 1 of the General Terms and Conditions (for companies).

Cooperation with DushiVIPcard competition is not permitted, based on this cooperation agreement, see Article 4 of our General Terms and Conditions (for companies).

In addition to the content of this Cooperation Agreement, the general terms and conditions of DushiVIPcard applies

For cooperation agreements, version November 2011. In the event of any contradictions, the definitions of this Cooperation Agreement will prevail.  

General Terms and Conditions of DushiVIPcard

Taking into consideration that the DushiVIPcard website deals with a large number of visitors in the Antilles; considering that the Partner is interested in making us of the advertising possibilities of DushiVIPcard, with a view of becoming better-known in order to be able to attract more customers; also considering that the Partner wishes to distribute vouchers to interested consumers for this, the two parties agree upon the following:


These Terms and Conditions apply exclusively to business owners, i.e. as opposed to natural or legal persons, who, in the execution of this agreement, carry out their profession or business.

1. Services by DushiVIPcard

1.1 DushiVIPcard, as an independent contractor, sells discountcard to interested consumers (the “cardholder”) and helps the Partner gain new customers in exchange for the delivery of goods or services (the “Services”) described in the cooperation agreement (“Cooperation Agreement”). In this context, DushiVIPcard will place the Partner’s services under the promotional offers of the appropriate island on www.dushivipcard.com.

1.2 The request by the Partner, as referred to in Article 1.1 of these General Terms and Conditions, must be submitted in writing. 

1.3 Unless the Partner has changed his Services according to Article 3.4 of these General Terms and Conditions, DushiVIPcard may not extend the contract automatically for another year.

2. Compensation and payment 

The Affiliate is entitled to payment of the relevant price by end user. The duration of validity of all DushiVIPcards is until the 31st of December of the year it says on the front.

3. Service/right of the Partner to designate Services 

3.1 The Services to be provided by the Partner to the voucher obtainer are described in the Cooperation Agreement.

3.2 The Partner is obligated to DushiVIPcard and the cardholders obtainers to ensure that the Services related to the DushiVIPcard that are provided during the time period of this Cooperation Agreement by DushiVIPcard can be made available to the cardholders at any time.

3.3 For provision of services to the cardholder, only the Partner is responsible. The Parties hereby agree that the cardholder can only make a claim to the Partner for providing the service described on the website and that the service described on the website creates obligations only for the Partner towards to the cardholder. The Partner indemnifies DushiVIPcard from any claims by the cardholder with respect to the service agreed upon.

3.4 The Partner is obligated to inform DushiVIPcard immediately about any changes that are related to the company of the Partner and that are relevant for the development of the Cooperation Agreement.

4. Duration, change and cancellation

4.1 The cooperation agreement is entered into for a period of the calender year and ends automatically on the 31st of December of concerning year. The cooperation for companies can not be cancelled during this year. 

5. Deviating general terms and conditions

5.1 General terms and conditions of the Partner that deviate partially or entirely from these General Terms and Conditions, are explicitly rejected by DushiVIPcard, unless DushiVIPcard has agreed with them explicitly and in writing.

5.2 End User may contract a statement (his / her purchase) with respect to the sale of the voucher or product within 14 days of receipt of the voucher or product without giving any reason revoked.

6. Choice of law and authorized court

6.1 Dutch law is applicable to all these General Terms and Conditions, with the exception of the Vienna Sales Conventions (CISG).

6.2 Any disputes between the parties – insofar as the Partner acts in the execution of his profession or company – shall be presented exclusively to the authorized court in Maastricht, the Netherlands.